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Akanna's goal is to help you feel good.  Our mission is to develop products and opportunities that give you the power to project the confidence that radiates from within.  Whatever your age, background or lifestyle, Akanna's provides you with products that will improve your life and your lifestyle.  We invest our research and development into creating products that not only offer exceptional results, but are also multi-functional, addressing many different aspects that affect your life.


After injuring my knee I tried several products from various companies to relieve my discomfort.  Nothing has worked better than the WaKanna Relief topical.  I have my mobility again and feel great!
- Deenaa W.

I have tried a lot of different gummies and I can truly say, nothing can touch or compare to the Power WaKanna Gummies.  They leave me feeling incredible.
Will D.

Within minutes of using the Relief topical the chronic discomfort I was experiencing in my back went away.
- Annie M.

One of my clients was suffering from a few physical ailments.  The water soluble relieved the discomfort completely in just one day.
- Elizabeth S.

I was excited when my mom was able to avoid surgery and get back out living life again after just a few days of vaping and taking the Hempranium oil.
 - Patricia V.

Vaping along with the Pure Water soluble has dramatically reduced my level of anxiety.  I feel like I am able to live my best life.  So grateful for WaKanna.
- Tarique R.

All of the products are amazing.  As it relates to the gummies, my clients report everything from a reduction in inflammation to an increased sex drive to a deeper and more restful sleep.  These are truly some amazing products.
- Dr. Rita


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